A bit about me!

The professional spiel:-

Lavana Dancer is an award winning photographer whose work focuses on lifestyle, portraiture, travel, weddings and stock photography.

Lavana attended the University of Wollongong, and received a Bachelor's degree in Communication and Cultural Studies. Lavana's work has been featured in international publications and media. She worked as the Chief photographer for Choice Magazine and as a Training and Development Coach for one of Australia's largest children photography studio's before establishing her own highly successful freelance photography practice. 

The personal spiel:-

I studied comedy at Second City in Chicago last year. I did it just for fun and the thrill of performing and making people laugh. I had no idea how helpful it would be when it comes to shooting weddings. I can spice things up with a few cheeky jokes here and there that always increase the feel good factor and get the real deal with smiles happening.

I am a bit of a car bogan! I love driving, I have a little convertible which I usually always have the top down on. I put my tunes on and soak up the sun while I drive to my various photo shoots around the city and in the country. 

I'm a bit of a hippy, very interested in The Law of Attraction. I pretty much study and practice it everyday.

I've completed 20 skydives and my accelerated freefall course. My partner is a world record holding skydiver with over 5000 skydives. #girlfriendpride.

Some of my photographer friends say they hate shooting weddings. I'm kind of glad about that cause it leaves more for me. I loooooooove covering weddings. I love the flowers, the beautiful dresses, the meaningful moments with your loved ones, working outdoors in the sun in beautiful places with people who are in love. I'm a total sucker for romance. 

I also love coffee and champers, so drop me a line [email protected] to see if your date is available in my schedule. We can skype or meet up for a coffee or a champers, to be certain we click and have the special chemistry and comfort required for this kind of super special collaboration.

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