Dancing Mountains and Puppies

One of my favourite chopper pilots once lived next door to me. A smart cute Canadian guy he was popular with the ladies and the lads so his full moon farewell party was a banger. It was wrapping up at around 3am in the morning when the friendly little Weiner dog from next door came wandering up our driveway. Her belly was full and round. I suspected she was pregnant and was excited to run my hand over her little belly knowing there were baby doggies inside there. Next day she had her litter, under a boat in the neighbours yard. Very Fijian! That same week Kat  and I started corresponding about photographing her wedding. I enjoyed sharing pics with her of baby Weiner dogs litter suckling ‘cos Kat’s a vet nurse so obviously loves all things animal. I knew immediately she would be a great bride to collaborate with. My beloved mumma was a nurse and I always found nurses to be sweet, kind, down-to-earth, loving people. Kat was no exception! 

Ben who also worked in hospitals on the finance side was of the same ilk. They met at university and they had been together since she asked him to dance at college event. Ask and ye shall receive eh? ;) Her beautiful sister Lucy was her bridesmaid and he had his brother and her brother as groomsmen.

Ben’s dad wore a tie with dogs on it to honour his new daughter-in-law. What a sweetie!

The Chapel at The Outrigger is up on a hill above the resort overlooking the sea. After family photo’s we headed right to the top of the hill with the bridal party for some more photo fun in the golf carts I’d prepared earlier. 

And then they danced. They practiced their first dance moves so they would nail it on the dancefloor later that night in front of their loved ones. He had proposed to her on top of Mount Kosciuszko on a romantic weekend away, just after frolicking in the snow, and here they were 2 years later, only minutes after being married, dancing on a mountaintop together as hubby and wifey. It was a lovely romantic moment to be part of.

The rain started just as we finished their portraits at sunset down on the beach. Dontchya just love good timing. And so off we went to party. The buffet was excellent. The cocktails yummy! The venue was beautiful and the family and friends were loving and fun. 

And then they did their first dance. By the glow of the gigantic LOVE sign, he picked her up and spun her around and around, the delicately beaded trail of her italian lace dress sweeping gracefully across the floor. Setting her back down gently on her feet her loving father took her into his arms. He was so tender with her it almost made me cry. And I enjoyed a solid knowing this was a marriage made to last.

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