Making photo magic with adventurous couples wanting to have an epic experience in a pristine natural environment is what uplifts me.

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Hiya! I'm Lavana Dancer. I'm an Aussie girl born and bred in Sydney Australia. I've been a freelance photographer for nearly ten years. I've had the blessing of covering over 700 events, including 300 weddings! 

I've been enamoured by photography since I was a kid. I studied it in college and have spent most of my career working in the industry in various capacities.

Last year I fulfilled a lifelong dream and got my motorcycle license. I have a kawasaki ninja 250 and now full license. I love riding so much, the freedom and exhileration of it.  

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About Me

I love flying in the wind tunnel. I've flown around 50 hours and can do some tricks in it! Keen to fly whenever I can. This is called a tracking position, in the sport of skydiving this positions helps to cover alot of horizontal space fast. 

I love fashion! Aside from being a photographer I'd love to be. fashion designer.  I bought a new linen suit loved it so much it inspired me to do this selfie with my motorbike. 

I also love shooting skydive events. This selfie is taken at 20,000ft above the planet in Perris California. The air is so thin at that altitude we have to breathe oxygen from a canula. I was shooting an Aussie formation record with 119 skydivers.

I'm a bit of a nut for indoor rock climbing. I have my own special shoes, harness and I got a chalk bag for Christmas.

I'm pretty excited here because I just upgraded my cameras and their performance blows my mind and compliments my talent.

I studied comedy/improv at Second City in Chicago. I love to make people laugh. It's a skill comes in really handy photographing people.

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