First Time In Fiji

This was my first wedding shoot in Fiji and boy-o-boy-o-boy was I excited. I jumped on the Ferry out of Denerau on the morning of the wedding, sailing was smooth and the skies were blue. Just quietly I was a bit delighted to be commuting to work on a ferry to a small island in the South Pacific. Ticking off the career goals!!! After a quick 45 minute ride we arrived at Musket Cove. I was impressed with the understated beauty of the resort. 

There’s no cars on the island so I grabbed a yellow bike and rode to Jeanette’s bure. This is Jeanette’s second wedding so she was a very chilled bride. I guess she knew what to expect having been there done it before. Like me she was probably also charmed by the beauty of the island and soothed by the sun and the sea. 

And her beau Bruce was low key hanging out with his sons, his dad and his best man brother  in a bure across the lagoon. It was obvious their children and family meant the world to them, they’d asked me to make sure I got lots of family photo’s. 

Her son gave her away and her daughter was her bridemaid. A local fijian dressed in traditional dress blew on a conch shell to lead them down the isle and announce their arrival. Bruce waited patiently with his three boys as his best men. 

There were salty tears dried on their cheeks by the gentle ocean breezes. With rings on their fingers and joy in their hearts, the deed was done. There were drinks, snacks and songs and family photo’s

Then the three of us disappeared for some romantic couple portraits. I’d picked out a few magical spots when I arrived early that morning

Then it was time to party. Fairylights, sunset, tropical flowers, fire twirlers and dancing. This was a blissful place to enter a marriage. A promising start.

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