Quaking Applause

One of the most powerful moments for me at this wedding was during the celebrants officiating speech, the part where it usually reads “Marriage is the union between a man and a woman” had been changed to “Marriage is a union between two people.” I found myself letting out a spontaneous loud cheer of relief and joy that marital laws now respected the choices of same sex couples. I’m all for love and this handsome couple were definetely very much in love and very much loved by many. 

Ashwin and Rod were married in a Quakers Hall in Surry Hills to pay homage to Rod’s mothers chosen religion and in a nod to their tolerant and accepting attitudes towards same sex love. It was an austere interior, all polished floorboards and wooden floorboards. What was remarkable was the circular formation we all sat/stood in.

They had been together 27 years, Ashwin was 13 years Rod’s junior and Rod was was getting married at 70. Inspiring! They did a rockstar exit and disappeared out the back alley to get an Uber to their reception at Stanton and Co.

They invited me to photograph them in the mens bathroom when we arrived. They attended the ceremony in Kurti’s, as a salute to Ashwins indian heritage and changed into sharp navy single breasted suits. I felt awkward being the bathroom with them but these two were so committed to spending as much time with their friends and family who had flown in from all over the world I accepted whatever time I could have alone with them to make some romantic artistic portraits. Luckily the bathroom had a rustic semi rendered wall that gave texture and the light was ok. And they were 90% dressed. 

One of Rod’s family sculpted a groom and groom topping for their wedding cake that included their precious and beloved pet rabbit.

It got stormy outside and steamy inside with the appearance of a Bollywood dancer and the DJ spinning classic 80’s numbers. There was a lot to celebrate! 

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